How Bumble Bizz Buzzed Its Way Into Canada

An Evio Exclusive written by Lori Harito

Photo by  @theboohemian

Photo by @theboohemian

Bumble is taking the social space by storm! And it’s easy to understand why. With three different services on one platform (Bumble Date, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz), Bumble is helping women make money moves in addition to move moves. Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

Bumble is a dating app but with one key difference: women get to make the first move. Bumble wanted to create a space that challenged the male-dominated status quo. Added bonus: it also became a place to spread kindness and positivity.

Bumble BFF is an opportunity to network and find your perfect BFF mate. Why? Because people tend to move all the time, and it’s hard to make friends as an adult. New cities. New culture. As our lives change, so do our needs. Plus, a new friend in an unfamiliar place can make a tough transition easier.

In addition to Bumble BFF, Bumble Bizz was created to meet the needs of business professionals. This version of the Bumble platform allows users to connect and find new business relationships. Swipe the deck, match and network. Your dream gig is now more attainable than ever. 

Bumble is now creatively known as The Beehive because it’s making big things happen for women. Buzzing, creating, producing. No matter what you’re doing, The Beehive’s got your back.

The woman behind it all is Bumble Queen Bee, Whitney Wolfe Herd. An appropriate name for a fierce female founder who herded females to create a hive of strong, unapologetic women dominating business and social spaces.

Need further proof? Whitney was on TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

Whitney wasn’t new to the online dating app game when she started Bumble. The business whiz helped co-found fellow dating app (and competitor), Tinder. She left the company to start Bumble when she decided there had to be a better (and safer!) way for women to date online. She recognized you had to tip the old-school scales and give women the power to make the first move.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Bumble launched its first out-of-U.S. intro with a weekend pop-up Hive in Toronto. With an electric lineup of speakers celebrating the power of femininity, Bumble Canada made a buzz with people lining up to learn and mingle in the Hive.

We had the opportunity to speak with Alex Williamson, the badass Chief Brand Officer at Bumble. Alex has been with the company since it launched and is a fierce advocate for women doing it all.

Bumble started off as a dating app. It’s wildly popular for women who want a more inclusive and safe space for online dating. Was the idea always to branch out and become more than just dating?

It started as dating but our founder, Whitney, always had a larger vision. She wanted to get into social sharing, and Bumble creates kindness and positivity.


Bumble’s CEO, Whitney Wolfe Herd was recently featured in TIME’S 100 Most Influential Women. What does she - and Bumble - stand for?

She is every part deserving of every accolade. Bumble’s mission is to eradicate misogyny. And raising flags around behaviour online that isn't’ okay.

Our favourite success stories are when we hear from women that say, I was in an abusive relationship, and now I’m in a healthy relationship with someone I met on Bumble.

There’s something about women making that first move where you’re helping reshape the dynamics of a relationship and where it sees women see themselves in those dynamics.

It puts women in control when they make that first move. It empowers her to steer the conversation. It’s making women feel empowered to go after what they want.


I think there’s a shame or stigma associated with women taking control. Like being ‘bossy’ has a bad connotation to it. But now, women are separating themselves from that stigma and OWNING it.

Women are taking control and there’s a lot of guilt associated with it. At Bumble, we’re trying to say what moves you is not a shameful thing. Just lean into it and celebrate it.


What’s the purpose of Bumble Bizz?

When we first started talking about Bizz, we were in a group chat and a member of the team received a message on a business app from a guy that said, “professionally speaking, you’re very good looking.” It immediately made us feel like our space was invaded. That’s not why you’re there. You’re there to talk about business and be taken seriously. Women should feel empowered to go after what they want in business without feeling like they’re compromising.

What’s nice about Bumble Bizz, is that if you want to date, we HAVE Bumble. So go on Bumble and your intentions are set.

And if you’re on Bumble Bizz, you’re there to network and you should feel comfortable doing that. If a user misuses Bumble Bizz, we block them from every platform. We’re really serious about using our platforms in the right way.


What is Bumble BFF and why did you launch that?

It’s hard to make new friends as an adult. It’s hard to move to a new city and make friends. We wanted to create an area for women to meet and support each other. Bumble BFF feels like when you’ve had a few cocktails, women go to the bathroom and women are SO HELPFUL. Passing around lipstick and helping each other out. That’s what Bumble BFF feels like. Women are trained to be a certain way around other women. There’s this guard that goes up when we’re around other women because we’re told to be a certain way. This platform is there to empower women to support each other and connect. The walls are down in Bumble BFF.


And Bumble Canada is now in Toronto. So exciting!

Canada is a huge market for us. It’s a market that we really want to celebrate. We want to celebrate the business women here who are well respected in this community. And getting to learn from other women. Bumble is a digital world and I feel like it’s an opportunity to take digital connections into a physical space.

So, here’s your empowering message, ladies. Don’t ever apologize for the special brand of woman that you are. Go get ‘em! And if you need a little help, the Hive is here