5 BeautyBlender Mistakes That Are Making Your Foundation Look Bad

Republished with permission from Musely an Evio Community Partner

Beauty Blender.png

A BeautyBlender is basically the greatest makeup product every known to man. I'm serious! They take our beauty game to the next level and leave us with that airbrush finish we've always wanted. But here's the catch - they only work their magic when you're using them right. Follow these 5 rules to avoid the BeautyBlender mistakes that may just be ruining your chance at a perfect face of makeup.


1. Not wetting it

Using the sponge dry will soak up a lot of your makeup instead of depositing it onto your face. Before every use, run your BeautyBlender under the faucet until it's completely soaked, and then squeeze out any excess water. This will allow you to waste way less makeup and get a smoother application.


2. Wiping it across your face instead of bouncing

Number one rule of applying foundation with a BeautyBlender: Never - I mean NEVER - wipe it across your face. This will only cause you to wipe your foundation off your face, not on. To apply foundation with a blender correctly, dab or stipple your foundation into your face with the blender. Bouncing the blender into your skin will give you the most seamless application. Reload it with product and repeat until you reach your desired level of coverage.


3. Not washing it

Your BeautyBlender is not supposed to be brown when it was once pink. You might think it's just foundation on your blender, it's also bacteria - which could be the reason you've been breaking out a lot lately. PSA: Wash your BeautyBlender after you use them. Just squirt some baby shampoo or BeautyBlender cleanser on it and run it under the sink. It's so satisfying - and hygienic. 


4. Only using it with your foundation

One of the greatest things about BeautyBlenders is that they're super versatile. Not only can you use them with foundation and concealer, you can use it to apply cream or gel blushes, self-tanners, primers, and lotions, too. One of my go-to uses for my BeautyBlender is applying translucent powder to bake my foundation and concealer. So if you're only using it to apply your foundation, you're not getting the most out of it. 


5. Not knowing when to replace it

Unlike other makeup brushes, BeautyBlenders aren't designed to last for years. We're all guilty at becoming hoarders at some point when it comes to makeup - but you need to make replacing your BeautyBlender a habit. Some telltale signs that you need a new sponge are when the material starts to rip, the color changes, or the egg loses its shape. A good rule of thumb is that if you use your sponge every day (or close to it), you should replace it every two to three months.