5 Mistakes Your Gynecologist Wants You To Stop Making

Republished with permission from Musely an Evio Community Partner

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You're probably pretty picky when it comes to choosing your gynecologist. You likely want a gyno that's knowledgeable, attentive, and that you don't feel awkward around. Well, this might come as a surprise - your doctor has a wish list of his or her own, too. 

1. Using an oil-based lube

There are two major reasons your gynecologist wants you to stay away from oil-based lubricants. One: they can't be used with condoms, because they disintegrate the latex, increasing the risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. And two: oil-based lubricants disrupt the vaginal atmosphere. Oil is difficult for our water-based human tissues to break down and can leave a film on the inside of the vagina. Try a water-based or oil-free organic lubricant instead. 

2. Using feminine hygiene products to "smell good" down there

Step away from the vaginal wash. Your vagina does not need to smell like roses. Gynecologists don't recommend douching or using feminine deodorant sprays or washes as they can destroy your body's natural bacteria flora and increase your risk for infections. If you really feel uncomfortable without using a soap down there, try a natural one that is friendlier to your body and won't upset your vagina's internal pH and good bacteria. 

3. Not booking appointments

Gynecologists recommend getting a regular STD test each time you're with a new partner. Skipping your yearly checkup puts you at risk of potentially missing the chance to catch serious issues such as infections, pre-cancerous cells, etc.

4. Canceling because you're on your period

So maybe you scheduled your appointment, but now you've backed out because it's that time of that month. According to gynecologists, the best idea is to call the nurse and say, 'I'm on my period, is it okay if I come in?'" Don't cancel your appointment because of your period. Newer Pap smear techniques allow doctors to get accurate results even when it's that time of the month. 

If you're experiencing heavy bleeding and are concerned about it, it actually makes sense for your doctor to see you then to see if there are clues she can find as to why. However, in extremely rare situations, if your flow is exceptionally heavy, gynecologists suggests you reschedule, since the lab may make your doctor repeat the Pap.

5. Self-treating and diagnosing

Googling symptoms like itching, frequent urination or funky discharge is okay, and most likely it’s something treatable like a urinary tract infection (UTI) or yeast infection. But after your Google search - head to the lady doctor for a confirmation. There are a lot of other health conditions hat have the same symptoms as a yeast infection and if you take the wrong over-the-counter medication, it may not work. Next time you experience unusual symptoms, schedule an appointment with your gynecologist so they can properly treat your issue.