5 Things You Should Never Do In The Shower

Republished with permission from Musely an Evio Community Partner

Unknown Photographer -- but if you know, let us know!

Unknown Photographer -- but if you know, let us know!

Use piping hot water

Hot showers are actually incredibly drying to the skin, as they strip your body of its natural, necessary oils. If you must have a hot shower, don’t stay in the stream too long, and, whatever you do, do not wash your face! You’ll step out of the shower with a red splotchy rash on your face, and no one wants that.


Take your sweet time

Those extra minutes in the shower can be tempting, especially when it’s cold and dreary outside. However, doing so can mean dry, itchy skin for the rest of the day. Experts recommend not showering more than once per day, or for more than 8 minutes at a time.


Use a loofah for too long

Loofahs are great for exfoliating, but can quickly become loaded with dirt and bacteria. For this reason, you’ll want to replace them at least every month or so. Want to extend the life of your loofah? Let it dry out completely after use, zap it in the microwave on occasion to kill bacteria buildup or skip the thing altogether.


Apply oil-based products

Using oily products (like scrubs and masks) in the shower can be a serious health risk, as it makes the porcelain floor dangerously slippery and you a lot more accident-prone. Don’t risk injuring yourself!


Forget to moisturize

The best time to moisturize your skin is right after you step out of the shower, and while the skin is still damp. Your pores will be open, allowing moisturizers to really soak into the skin, nourishing your body with ease. I highly recommend using pure, organic coconut oil on your arms and legs. It’s non-greasy and works wonders!