7 Of 2019's Biggest Beauty Trends

Republished with permission from Musely an Evio Community Partner

7 Of 2019's Biggest Beauty Trends.jpg

Neon Everything

You've seen it all over Instagram: Kendall Jenner's neon green liner, her sister Kylie's indigo dye job, and Cardi B's rosy highlighter 'do. Neon is one of the biggest trends you'll want to embrace this year.

Witch Hazel

As skincare continues to surmount our makeup routines, searches for 'witch hazel' have increased by 305%. Yes that old school, acne-fighting ingredient just got a brand new shiny makeover. We like Better Skin Co.'s Zit No More Klarify Moisturizer that is boosted with witch hazel and other skin-saving goodies.

Glossy Makeup

Don't look now, matte lovers. Gloss is back and better than ever in 2019. Not only will we be ditching our matte liquid lipsticks for lip gloss, but we'll also be extending the shininess to our skin and eyelids for the ultimate dewy look.

Low Maintenance Brows

Goodbye, Instagram brows. Hello, down-to-earth brows that don't look overdone. This year, just clean up and shape in a natural arch to create fluffy, brushed-up, feathered brows without a lot of visible product. For this reason, we foresee low-maintenance products like clear gel dominating the brow market next year.

Lip + Cheek + Eye Stains

Multitasking products with natural finished and plant-based nontoxic formulas will be one of the leading trends in 2019. Put them all together and they create a product you can use anywhere, anytime just with your fingers. 

CBD-Infused Beauty

You thought CBD beauty products were staying in 2018? Think again. Research shows that CBD offers a number of antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin—so expect to see an expansion in CBD beauty products this year.

Metallic Details

Between metallic lipstick, iridescent shadow, and glittery liner, the year 2019 will shine bright. The finish, especially in neutral shades, will continue to reign this year due to its gorgeous ability to catch the light.