7 Tips To Level Up Your Wardrobe

Republished with permission from FRANC an Evio Community Partner

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Basic is never a bad thing, it's always a great idea to have a wardrobe that consists of really great basics. And it's great to keep just like that, but sometimes through a girl just needs to level things up a notch - we get it. Our suggestions aren't groundbreaking, but they are 7 key things that those super stylish, yet somehow totally effortless appearing people (we all know at least one) almost always do and probably without even knowing it.

If you are looking to level things up just a notch or two, start by keeping it simple and pick one tip to focus on, the one that resonates with you the most. And on the other, hand if you plan to go all in with all 7, take it one tip at a time till you are comfortable and then move onto the next. 


Change the way you style and combine - go for unexpected combos.

This requires no shopping, just a little creativity. Open your closet and pull out your go-to's, look at different ways you can pair things with each other - maybe with items you haven't worn since 2015 the ones that you have shoved in the back of your closet. Think unexpected pattern pairings, colours you never thought could go together, maybe something you save only for super dressy occasions pairs with your most casual item? Test things out and see what new outfits you come up with.


Invest in a good pair of unexpected IT jeans.

Scared of mom jeans? How the heck do I even wear cropped flares? It's okay, the only way you figure "it" out is by trying. Yes, it requires some shopping, but more importantly some trying on - but it'll be worth it. First, do you have a go-to denim brand? Start there and try on styles and fits you usually would avoid (make sure to bring shoes or boots that can go with anything). Also maybe bring your friend, the stylish one you feel can pull off anything without ever trying, we all have that friend - ask them to come along.
Trying something new and a bit fresh, paired with your tried and trues will instantly kick your closet in its butt and wake it up.


Change your hairstyle - shoot for effortless but flattering to you.

Aka, don't worry about trends too much when it comes to makeup and hair, sure a little bit here and there is fun.

But try something out even for one day: go with your natural part, don't fight it.
Then style your hair the pumped-up version of that. Is it a bit wavy? Make it a bit wavier. Is it pretty straight? Maybe blow it out straight but with added volume.
Go for what works for you, regardless of what you think the cool kids are doing - if you look at the most effortless, inspiring style icons their hair is usually pretty effortless and timeless - maybe with a slight edge/update.


Change your mindset for casual and dressy - toss out the "rules".

Switch your mindset when it comes to the shoes that match your outfit. Try causal with dressy to level the outfit somewhere in the middle or go dressy with causal. 
Same goes for clothes, wear your comfy hoodie with your dressy jeans, high heeled booties and long structured coat.
Try something new with the items you already own, it doesn't have to be groundbreaking just maybe something you never thought of wearing together.


Play with your proportions.

To start with and get yourself comfortable use these basic proportion rules:

  • 1 fitted item in an outfit - pairing that fitted item with something a little loose or slouchy.
  • 1 loose item in an outfit - pair that loose item with something more fitted and slim.

And then try playing with it, throw the rules out and play around.


Go for the third item.

The third item rule is somewhat of an unwritten rule to really polish an outfit. The "rule" is pretty basic, but when you feel like your outfit just needs something, go for the 3rd item. It can be simple; another layer, a scarf, a necklace, an open layer, etc. That perfectly simple but added item has this way of making your outfit look really thought out and pulled together with really no extra effort from you.

Often the same goes for when you feel like you have too much going on, maybe try editing things down to just three - see how you feel.

The third item is a great time to add that unexpected item, maybe it's a pop of colour in your purse, a good graphic tee or a patterned sweater?


Simple is almost always better.

When in doubt, edit something out and then switch one item for something unexpected. Or style your outfit in a way that feels unexpected for you (a rolled hem, bright red lips), great style doesn't come from following trends or doing what anyone else is doing. Great style comes when you feel great and confident in what you wear.