Brandi Leifso, CEO & Founder Evio Beauty Group

Republished with permission from Be The Next Her an Evio Community Partner


What is your morning routine?

Ohhh, I’m not a morning person – I’m slow going. I usually start by telling myself I won’t look at my phone first thing in the morning, and then pick up my phone to turn my alarm off at 7:00 am (and go on Instagram and Facebook for 30 min). I then cuddle April the pug for another 30 min, and then get out of bed at 8:00 am. I hop into the shower and then moisturize with my new obsession, avocado oil. Then I put on my Evelyn Iona Green Tea face primer and let it dry while I brush my teeth. Next, I blow dry my hair and finish my face with a quick 5 min makeup. Then my mom calls me every morning on her way to work at 8:30 am. I respond to urgent emails and then jump on the subway to head to the office and get started with the day.


Tell us about your career path

I’m the founder & CEO of Evio Beauty Group & Evelyn Iona Cosmetics. At one time, I was sure that my career would have been as Belle from Beauty & The Beast on Disney on Ice. That didn’t happen – I found my calling in business and created Evio Beauty Group in late 2014.


What challenges do you or women face in your industry?

The complexity of this question in relation to the cosmetics industry is astounding. To start, there’s the pink tax, marketing, and the astounding under-representation of women in the boardroom (despite being the target audience). On the other hand, it’s incredibly inspiring to be in the cosmetics industry today with the ability to pioneer the future of the industry. Without a doubt, the future of cosmetics is female!


What advice would you give to young girls who want to be the NEXT you?

Question everything. Don’t look at any one thing, person, or example too closely for guidance or inspiration. Don’t be afraid to fail. But most importantly, when you do fail, get up and get gritty!


How do you separate work life from your personal life?

This is something I have yet to master. I have an amazing circle of friends who are incredibly supportive – they come to my work events and don’t hate me for bringing my laptop to the restaurant on occasion. They also know when to pull me away from work for a weekend away. They’re amazing!


What inspires you?

People who do whats right when no one else is watching.


When you’re off the clock, what are your indulgences?

On the clock, off the clock, it doesn’t matter, I indulge in desserts! I love love love red velvet cake, ice cream, gummy bears, and anything else that’s sweet!

Although to counter that indulgence, I run. This year I ran my first full marathon (42km) it was a huge sense of accomplishment!