5 Eco-Conscious Fitness Brands You Need On Your Radar

An Evio Exclusive written by Marisa Petrarca an Evio Community Partner

Photo via @girlfriendcollective

Photo via @girlfriendcollective

We all have that one yoga pants and sports bra combo that’s our go-to. No matter how many other options exist in our closet, things just aren’t the same when this specific combo makes its way into our dirty laundry. It’s the pairing that hugs our body in just the right way— the one that we’d be more than content with wearing to work, the bar, then brunch, and yep, even the gym too.

Without a doubt, our fitness clothes (yes, even the ones we wear less frequently than others) have become a part of our life, but what many people don’t know is that so many athletic garments contain harmful chemicals and toxins that are not only hazardous to us, but our environment, too.

In an effort to find sustainable, organic brands with an eco-friendly mission, we’ve scoured the Internet for answers. Ahead, check out five we’re loving right now — and soon you will be too.


For the gal who goes from the gym to brunch…

Girlfriend Collective

The story behind Girlfriend Collective is a major part of what makes the brand so notable (besides the amazing quality and look of their apparel, of course). Girlfriend Collective makes their Instagram-famous leggings and sports bras out of recycled water bottles. In fact, it takes 25 water bottles to make just one pair of the brand’s leggings — casual.

What we’re buying: Ivory Girlfriend High-Rise Leggings, $68 and the Ivory Topanga Bra, $38


The brand you may have come across at Whole Foods...


Satva translates to “pure” in Sanskrit, which is a reflection of the brand’s values. Founded by Puja Barar, Satva Living was founded in an effort to disrupt today’s biggest problems with textiles: toxic chemicals and their consequences to the people and community. The brand works directly with farmers in India to grow the organic cotton that’s used to create Satva garments. And if you don’t have reason enough to love the brand, Satva also started the Disha Initiative, a program that sponsors the education of young girls in the villages where Satva organic cotton is sourced.

What we’re buying: Kama Cami in Heather Gray


Don’t think you could pull off a crop top? Think again...

Outdoor Voices

If you’re fitness-obsessed like we are (or at least obsessed with living in leggings and T’s) you might recognize the muted, duo-tone leggings or flattering crop tops that are unique to Outdoor Voices. Similarly to Girlfriend Collective, the brand makes their lightweight, recycled polyester fabric from post-consumer water bottles.

What we’re buying: TechSweat Crop, $60


For our friends who are ballin’ on a budget…


Meet Pact: the brand that promises your clothes will be “so soft, you’ll (almost) cry.” The brand sources 100% organic cotton and is free of toxic dyes, chemicals and pesticides. Pact is the brand for basics of all kinds, be it athletic wear, dresses, underwear or hoodies. The best part of all (besides saving the world and all) is that these fair-trade garments won’t break the bank.

What we’re buying: Black Leggings, $24 (regularly $30)


The brand that’s more than just classy fleece pullovers...


Patagonia’s mission says it all: “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to environmental crisis.” The eco-friendly, organic company gives back by donating a portion of its sales to environmental groups all over the world.

What we’re buying: Patagonia Women’s Cross Beta Sports Bra