This Is Proof That Hemp-Infused Products Belong In Your Wellness Routine

Republished with permission from Musely an Evio Community Partner

This Is Proof That Hemp-Infused Products Belong In Your Wellness Routine.jpg

It wasn't long ago that cannabis had a less-than-healthy reputation. You know, when the first thing that came to mind when mentioned was bloodshot eyes and late night runs to Taco Bell? Finally, the taboo associated with cannabis is falling away and with products like HempsVision Classic Hemp Oil, CBD oil is up at the top of the list of 2017's hottest wellness trends. 

Before we go on, let me tell you this - this very legal product won't make you high. While CBD oil is made from marijuana plants, it only comes from the non-psychoactive extracts -cannabiodiol. The psychoactive THC content in the wellness oil is below the US legal limit of .03 percent. So no, HempsVision Classic Hemp Oil won't get you high, but it can relieve pain and make you feel healthier overall.


Think of CBD as a vitamin.

You can take CBD in the same way you would take daily supplements to keep your bones strong and your immune system in check. We need to supplement our natural supply of CBD as we get older to help keep our bodies in balance. Plus, it can provide the same pain relieving benefits that your Advil and Tylenol can - but *without* the risk of side effects.


As with any supplement, the effects can vary based on your own body, but just some of the researched benefits of CBD include:

- Pain relief
- Anti-inflammatory
- Anti-anxiety
- Neuroprotectant
- Anti-oxidant

HempsVision Classic Hemp Oil belongs in your wellness routine.

CBD oil has proved to do some pretty amazing things - like fight arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, and more. But a daily intake of HempsVision Classic Hemp Oil can be used for everyday health issues that you might experience regularly, too:



Women in particular can benefit from CBD. One of the many reasons that women feel discomfort during that time of the month is due to hormonal imbalance. CBD oil helps PMS symptoms as it contains essential fatty acids that can help get our hormones back into balance again.



Headaches can happen for a variety of reasons. But the most common cause of a headache is when we have overactivity or problems with our blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the head and neck. CBD can desensitize pain receptors at the nerve level, bringing relief to those throbbing headaches.



Cannabinoid receptors can be found in the parts of the brain that regulate stress, fear and our moods. With regular consumption of CBD, you can maintain a healthy endocannabinoid system which improves resilience to stress and reduces existing feelings of stress and anxiety.



Pain (whether it's because you're sore from your last gym sesh or you deal with chronic pain) affects us all at some point. Inflammation is often the cause of pain and because CBD is a known anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it can be beneficial in relieving pain symptoms.